Random Meets

Are your colleagues and friends isolated and not belonging?

Interconnect One-on-One Your Tribe

Automate weekly pair video-calls within your group to
improve teamwork, support idea cross-pollination, & increase networking!

Weekly video-calls in your group is Random Meets.
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How to randomly meet?

Missing the serendipitous conversations that come so easily in a physical office? Here is how to fix it:
avatar Join or create a group.
avatar Check weekly meeting timeslot.
avatar Receive one calendar invite a week.
Icebreaker questions for your meeting with John on Friday at 12:00:

What are you reading right now? Who’s someone you really admire? Who had the most influence on you growing up?

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Locked down and working remote I wanted to talk real-time with new people in my digital town square, but how? That's what RandomMeets was built for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to mitigate organizational silos?

Avoiding information sharing between the departments of company is costly in the speedy world. Isolated teams can also harm your culture. Make sure that information flows well with creating company-wide RandomMeets room.

Can I reschedule if the meeting slot doesn't suit me?

With each calendar invite you will receive and an email of your week's match. It is easy to offer your counterparty alternative date and time.

Where or how meetings take place?

Each invite contains a Google Meet video conference and also backup link to Jitsi video conference, but you can switch to a chat, or any other method. The most important thing is that the both of you will be at the same time at the same place virtual or real place.

How long the meetings take?

The slots take up 15 mins in the calendar, but it is up to you to re-schedule.

What to talk about on the random meetup?

With each invite the pair will receive 3 funny ice breaker questions. Look for shared interests or discuss the latest happenings.

Is this suitable for a club, a mentoring group, or a mastermind group?

Any group that would like to peer-to-peer communicate regularly will benefit from using this tool. During a two person meeting as is provided by this tool, the information flows both ways much easier than in a group setting.

How to request new features?

Click the feedback button or mail us to [email protected].


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